Cure For Magic & Evil, Is Through Islamic Teachings



Nowadays, our society is in a quagmire of Evils. Non Islamic, unethical practices are deceiving people. We the community of Peace & Light are on solving the problems with hope and positivity. The reason behind choosing us is the frame of our work and optimism in our services. We believe in the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, that englightens us to treat ills and bring cure to those who are hopeless and deceived.

Moreover, our treatment is not only based on the spirituality but also on wellness of both body and mind. We believe that a sound body and mind are a blessing and they must remain positive, energetic and enthusiastic.

What Peace & Light Provides You?

Healings to Your Problems.


Jaddu jinnat

Our pioneer service is dealing with Magical as well Spiritual, and Evil possession issues. Not only in Pakistan but since last couple of years our scope of work is paced globally. Remarkable progress has been done and is continued in field of research for treating Dark magic and sorcery through Islamic teachings and that’s what we are known for.


Paranormal issues

The world of demons is unseen but we observe and interact with many paranormal activities that are mostly frightening and usually causes harmful effects. We are progressively dealing with such elements in this field with our research in not only opted methods but also includes modern science.


Ruqiya therapy

Evil eye, is more common and worst in evil terms and acts. As it is most effective way of getting into illness or even worst. Quran recitation is also a subject and the adequate verses are also a remedy for many issues and problems. Our institute is effectively treating the humans with the words of Quran in soothing recitations.

Our Patients Say