About Us

Peace & Light

Peace & Light is an educational based institute, providing an effective solution with learning for a better society under the believes of Islam and modern scientific studies.

The institute was founded by Muhammad Usman Yazmani in 2022. Mr. Usman is also the director of spiritual studies and have been famously known among the public.

Focusing on Human Potential and Global Responsibility, the immediate goal of this Initiative is to bring together people from all walks of life, cultures and nations to discover that together we can find a greater purpose and direction for the human sipritual behaviors.

Our Mission

At the Institute of Spiritual Healing, our mission is to help individuals understand and heal from psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of disease. The Institute works to integrate ancient spiritual healing methods with conventional scientific and complimentary medicine so that the individual may have the best possibility of healing. The Institute also teaches purification methods of the heart and soul that lead to Oneness and Unity with the Divine.

Our Vision is to open the hearts of humanity to the reality of Positivity,hope and peaceful understanding and complete healing.

The End Result…

At the Institute we aim to help people connect to ALLAH and to live their life in the presence of the Divine Light, purify hearts and souls so they can manifest a truly pure and healthy life.