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M. Usman Yazmani is the founder and director of Peace & Light 0nline institute based in Pakistan.

I was born and raised in southern Punjab of Pakistan. After my primary education I went to Faisalabad for my higher studies in Arabic and Islamic literature also focusing the modern science studies. The search in the world of (Jaddu Jinnat) Magic & Sorcery started when I experienced some abnormal incidents personally. Encountering thousands of cases and paranormal activities, through different part of world in the last 15 years approximately. It was my dire aim to provide services and education to every corner of the world. Utilizing the modern technology, my team is focused on educating the masses in treating and solving Evil, Demonic possession, Evil eye, under the light of Quran and science.

Through all of my journey in this field I have seen most of the people are unaware of the real facts and procedure to cure ills and issues. Even many of the practitioners are treating in demonic ways claiming to be faith healers.

By the blessings of Almighty Allah, I have been known for my righteous services and methodologies as an Islamic and socially ethical.

The founder is a leading personality in Pakistan and also famous among the renowned religious healers and counselors in other continents and is getting popularity day by day.

The ratio of patient recovery is very effective, putting him on top of others in his field, for that he is being invited to the Pakistan top Islamic media channel PaighamTv, run by famous Arab scholars.

My aim is to bring hope and positivity to the humanity and educate them against the deceptions of Satan also pointing out the felonious acts and practices of sorcerers, magician, faith healers.