Islamic Counselling

Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health does not only affect the way we think, feel, and act but also how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Islam offers a spiritual sanctuary for Muslims to live a peaceful life by eliminating the evils from their selves through Quran o Sunnah.

Belief in the evil eye is found in the Quran based on the following verse:


Ruqiyah Therapy

Ruqiyah refers to the healing method based on the Quran and hadith through the recitation of the Quran, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplication that is used as a means of treating sickness and other problems, by reading verses of the Quran, the names and attributes of Allah, or by using the prayers in Arabic or in a language the meaning of which is understood. The use of ruqiyah as a method of treatment is popular among the Islamic alternative healing practitioners.

Tibb & Treatment

Tibb is commonly known as Herbal treatment or medication. Human are practicing this means of cure since long. Being a spiritual healer and my research and services are also aligned with medications of herbal treatment. My interest increased my scope of knowledge in this field so I graduated from an affiliated renowned institute of Herbal/organic medications Pakistan. Firstly, we should have an introduction about Tibb al-Nabawi s.a.w because

Online Treatment

Today we are going to discussed about the problems people having in their life and the solution of their problem through online Rohani ilaj. People who are facing different kind of disease or problems in their life, and they are fed up from problems. We are here to help you out in this difficult time.

ROHANI ILAJ itself is a cure for different problems and situations in life.