Some rational and simulative arguments for the existence of Jinn

Jinn have a permanent existence different from angels and humans. The jinn as a species are neither of humans nor of angels. The common value between humans and jinn is that they have intelligence and consciousness and have the power to choose the path of good, while angels do not have this power. Jinn is a creature that is beyond sense and observation. For this reason, in general, a human being cannot see this creature except when it changes a form in which it is possible for a human being to see it. For this reason, the reliable evidence about the existence of jinn is the hearsay evidence from the Qur’an and Hadith. Surah Yunas V:39

Nay, they charge with falsehood that whose knowledge they cannot compass

in the blessed hadiths, as well as in the sayings of the companions and followers, the jinn has been mentioned so often that it is very difficult to deny them. For this reason, it is an agreed fact among the Companions, the Tabi’een, the followers of the Tabieen and the Imams of the Muslims. Among the various sects of Muslims, none of the sects denied the existence of jinn, except the Jahmiya, Mu’tazilah and others. As far as people of the book, Jews and Christians are concerned, they also accept the existence of jinn like Muslims. Anyone who believes in any Messenger, any religion, acknowledges this fact. This is because the case of the jinn has been repeatedly proven by the Prophets.

Ignorance does not imply non-existence

It is a fact that in every period Muslim and non-Muslim public groups have been acknowledging the existence of jinn, except for a few people. When most of the people have been confessing the existence of jinn, it is an argument that jinn exists. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says:

None of the Muslim communities disagreed with the existence of jinn, nor did they disagree that Allah sent Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the jinn as well. All groups of infidels have also been acknowledging the existence of jinn. As for the People of the Book, Jews and Christians, they also accept the existence of jinn like Muslims, although there are some among them who deny the existence of jinn, just as there are some deniers among Muslims, for example: Jahmiyyah. And Mu’tazilah etc. But the Jamhur group and their Imams admit the existence of jinn. This is because their existence is proven by frequent reports from the Prophets.

Ibn Taymiyyah further states: Since the existence of jinn has been proven from the Prophets, therefore, everyone knows them. Therefore, it is impossible for a group, which believes in the Messengers, to deny the jinn. Also

Imam al-Haramain Imam al-Jawini says

Know! May Allah have mercy on you, many philosophers, Jamhoor Qadriya and all heretics have completely denied the devils and jinn. It is not far-fetched if a person who does not consider and think about the Sharia refuses, but what is surprising is the denial of Qadriya, while there are texts of the

Qur’an and regular newspapers and many evidences. (Akam al-Murjan: 62)

Qazi Abu Bakr Alba Qalani says:

Many of the ancient Qadriyas were confessors of the existence of jinn and now they deny their existence and some of them believe in their existence but think that they cannot be seen because of their existence and some of them it is said that they are not seen because they have no color. (Akam al-Murjan: 12)

Dr. Abdul Kareem Hifza Allah says:

People have different ideas about giants

One group affirms the existence of giants.

One group categorically denies the existence of giants.

A third group makes various incorrect interpretations about the existence of jinn.”

Dr. says further:

Ahl al-Sunnah acknowledge the existence of jinn and that jinn is a separate creature from humans and other creatures. They are obligated like human beings. In the Hereafter, their actions will be accounted for, they eat, drink and have children.

The second group of common disbelievers, such as the People of the Book, the polytheists, the Arabs, the Canaanite republics, the Greeks, the Romans, and the ancient Hindus believe in the existence of the gods.Most of the philosophers and a group of Qadiriyas, the Mu’tazilah, and the Jahmiyyah and all the Zanadaqah, ancient and modern, deny the jinn.

The view of certain Arab polytheists about food, drink and marriage of Jinn

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah says:

The polytheists, the Arabs and the People of the Book, believe in angels, although many of them consider angels and devils to be the same species. Iblis is Abuljin and also denies that those who marry have children and those who eat and drink.

(Fath al-Manan fi Jum Kalam Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah: 1/50, 51)