Magic And Paranormal Identities!

The most effective way to stay safe from the harm of MAGIC and the PARANORMAL IDENTITIES !

It was around 2005 that my friend was facing some magic effects and the paranormal in his house.To get rid of this, he consulted many people; a few said throw meat in the graveyard and a few wrote verses with saffron,and some asked to spread smoke of the amulets,some advised to put camel’s knee bone at home, some frightened them even more by telling stories about magic and paranormal that can bitterly harm people.None of them actually helped him in this regard and the situation was getting worse day by day. Some weird things started happening,his daughter got fits,the clothes started getting ripped and burnt at their home. Their worries intensified day by day.They hustled door to door for five years struggling to get treatment for this magic. Those days i was studying in Bahawalpur.I was attached to a great religious scholar due to his asceticism and piety.Idiscussed the whole matter of this suffering family with him.

“I’m telling something which all the family members are supposed to read a hundred times in the morning and evening. All their issues will be sorted within seven days by the will of Allah.”He said.

“With this act many people got relief and all the traces of magic spells were removed,” he said.

So after hearing from the scholar,I believed in him and I told my friend about those Quranic verses and the way to recite them as told by the great scholar.

Eighty percent of the traces of magic spells got removed within seven days.They got rid of all the traces within thirty days.That made me so happy that my Friend and his family got free of the magic effect that was ruining them.

When I researched more,I came to know that this is the right way to protect and to cure yourself taught by our Holy Prophet Mohammad PEACE BE UPON HIM.

I started reading different books about magic,paranormal.One day I was reading Magic and its cure in the light of Quran and Sunnah by Sheikh Abdul Salam Bali.

The way he wrote his experience about this way of protection and cure for magic spells, I got so impressed,after reading that.

He wrote:

A man came to me with his wife and told me that his wife hates him.And feels relieved when he is not at home,so I asked for more symptoms and came to know his wife got affected by magic”Differential Magic / Seher e Tafreek” (A form of magic to make husband and wife apart)

When I started reading Quranic Verses in front of his wife,paranormal identity started speaking from her tongue.Following is my conversation with the Paranormal identity:

Me:“ What is your name ?”

Paranormal / Jin :“I will not tell my name at all.”

Me: “What is your religion?” Paranormal / Jin :“Islam.”

Me: “ Is it right for a Muslim to bother a woman?”

Paranormal Identity / Jin: “ I love her. I do not bother her and I want her husband to leave her.”

Me: “You want to separate them apart?” Paranormal identity / Jin: “ Yes of course!”

Me: “This is not right for you, so while being obedient to Allah Almighty

,leave her body.”

Paranormal identity / Jin: “ No , No. I love her.”

Me: “She hates you.”

Paranormal identity / Jin: “No, she loves me.”

Me: “You are a liar. She doesn’t like you, that is why she is here to get rid of you from her body.”

Paranormal identity: “I will not leave at all.”

Me: “Then I will burn you into ashes through the Quran.”

Then I started reading the Holy Quran to him and he started screaming. “Are you ready to come out ?” I asked.

Paranormal identity: “Yes I will come out. But upon a condition.”

Me: “What is the condition?”

Paranormal identity / Jin :“ After coming out.I will enter you.”

Me: “This condition is accepted. Come out of Her and show if you have strength to come inside me.”

Then after a while the paranormal / Jin started crying.I asked him why he was crying.

Paranormal identity / Jin: “ Any paranormal identity / Jin can not enter in you.”

ME: “Why so?”

Paranormal jin: “That Is why because you have read hundred times” :

“La ilaha illAllah Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku wa Lahul-Hamdu Yuhyi wa Yumitu Wa Huwa Ala Kulli shai in Qadir”

After reading this story,I stepped into the field of treating magic,paranormal and now it has been fifteen years.It is in my routine and I have never missed reciting these verses after Fajar and Asar prayers. Challenged so many paranormal identities during the conversation to come out of the patient and enter into my body,most of the paranormal identities said when we try to enter into your body we feel as if some kind of fire is going to burn us.We can not enter into your body.

I have told this way to remove magic effects to thousands of people,by the Grace of Allah Almighty all of them got cured.

I have fifteen years of experience being a physician for magic,paranormal protection and cure.If someone has the oldest form of magic even then if he follows the following steps,all traces will be removed and all the paranormal identities will be burnt into ashes within one month.

Follow these steps to cure magic:

  • -Strictly performs five prayers a day
  • -Recite

(“La ilaha illallahu Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku wa Lahul-Hamdu Yuhyi wa Yumitu Wa Huwa Ala Kulli shai in Qadir”) hundred times in the morning and hundred times in the evening.

Protection from magic:

If someone is not affected by the magic and that person recites this hundred times in the morning and evening,any kind of magic will not affect that person.

By the will of Allah Almighty by reciting this, not only magic is treated but it has a lot of rewards and virtues as well .

HADITH (SAYING OF HOLY PROPHET PBUH ) is narrated in Sahih Bukhari in such a way :

Hazrat Abu Huraira( RA ) narrates that Holy Prophet

(PEACE BE UPON HIM ) said,“ whoever recites this hundred times will be rewarded equally as freeing ten slaves,hundred good deeds will be added into his list of doings and hundred bad deeds will be erased from his list,adding more to the list that person will stay protected from Satin the whole day till evening.”

In the explanation of this saying of Holy Prophet( PEACE BE UPON HIM) respected Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Sattar Hammad HifzUllah

Said,It should be recited hundred times daily with regularity or this count can be completed in bits,but the rewards and its effects will stay the same.Perhaps it is enough,if it is recited hundreds of times early in the morning and at the beginning of night to be protected from the Satin’s effect the whole day.

It is also mentioned at the end of the Hadith ( saying of Holy Prophet(PEACE BE UPON HIM)) that “If a person recites it more than the advised amount,more will be the virtuous reward” that means if he or she recites two hundred or three hundred times,virtuous reward will be more.Allah Almighty has informed us about Satin’s way of attack and disguise but has also advised the way for protection against it with the help of HOLY PROPHET (PEACE BE UPON HIM).