Magic on the husband

Jealousy, ill will and hatred are becoming increasingly embedded in our society,which is a poison for relationships.To quench the fire of revenge,they take the help of sorcery (blackmagic).

Unfortunately, our society is becoming an abode of such

stone-hearted people who feel happy to see their loved ones in pain and trouble but the fire of Jealousy,ill will and hatred doesn’t go out.The sorcerers not only play with the hard-earned money that took blood and sweat of worried people,but sometimes feel ashamed to play with the honor of women under the pretext of treatment.We hear many such incidents in our daily life.Many women that are fed up with their husband’s quarrels and bad behavior,contact such so-called spiritual agents (pretenders) for help.Instead of getting any benefit from them they get trapped into more troubles.

Similarly, one woman with bad behavior of her husband went to some fake spiritual agent. When the situation went out of control,she came to me and said: my husband has seizures,his nose bleeds often,he screams in his sleep at night, I am very worried about him. I want to get treatment.

I asked:where is the patient?

The woman said: The patient is still at home.

I asked: how long has this matter been and how it started?

She said:My husband often used to fight with me and children.He didn’t pay for the expenses, he didn’t even listen to me, so I went

to an spiritual agent and that spiritual agent said that you have to do a deed and your husband will always obey you,he will also pay the expenses and he will Stop fighting with you.I got very satisfied after hearing all these things and thought and felt in my heart that now i have reached the right place,now i will get rid of all domestic quarrels and everything will be fine.

He said:At evening (Maghreb), you have to recite some verses for 31 days and do not cut your fingernails and toenails for these 31 days,when the 31 days are complete,you have to cut those fingernails and toenails and bring them to me.If you do this all,your husband will become obedient to you.

After doing the 31 day process,i came to that agent with my fingernails and toenails,the agent took those nails and placed them in a big iron spoon and heated them until burnt into ashes.He wrapped those aches into a paper and gave me and also received 10 thousand rupees.Then he asked me to put that ash in a bottle of Pepsi or Coke and give that to your husband to drink, your husband will be obedient to her forever. After hearing this, I happily reached home,put that ash in a coke bottle and gave that to my husband to drink.After two or three days,my husband had a headache.I felt, the body started to feel sluggish,after about a week,he started having fainting spells,often at night,my husband would get scared and woke up screaming.The lady said:I have not forgotten the previous trouble and got into a new trouble.My situation got worst.So i contacted back that agent and told him all the situation but he said that You must not have done the process properly, you must not have recited the verses properly.”

After hearing him I got so disappointed because I know that I did all the process with full focus and dedication with all heart.

However, this fact of the agent opened my eyes and was exposed to me.

The woman said: what could I do now?, my money’s gone and the peace of my home is also gone.

I said to the woman that in this matter your fault is much more than the magician fraud.Why did you go to such a magician,when Islam forbids to go to such people.It is sad to say that we have knowledge of everything in this world but we don’t have knowledge about the teachings of Islam.That is the reason we get trapped of people who not only rob the common people but also play with their dignity.

However,on my request,that lady brought her husband to me, I cast a spell on her husband and also asked her to recite morning and evening Adhkar(duas) and offer five daily prayers.Alhamdulillah,the patient had recovered and his family was also happy. My advice is that if there is a fight in a family or any issue in the husband and wife relationship,do this for a month and you will get amazing results by the will of Allah.

Process to get rid of magic traces in relationships:

Be sure to recite Dua before entering and leaving home and offer prayers five times with punctuality.Recite Surah al-Fatihah seven times,then recite the last three Qul (Surah Akhlas, Surah Nas, Surah Falaq) seven times each,then recite the last two verses of Surah Baqarah three times, then recite verse number 102 of Surah Baqarah seven times with reciting Durood ibrahimi in the start and end three times.Spell (blow) this on a bottle of

water.Remember that all members of the house must drink this water once a day.

By doing so you will have a happy and peaceful relationship.

Going to fake agents/scholars/sorcerers is forbidden in islam:

I always advise never to seek treatment from a physician/sorcerers who asks the patient such things like his sweaty clothes and photos,asks for the meat of a particular animal or its bone,write on a piece of paper in a different language,while inhaling,say some shirkiya and strange words other than the Holy Quran.If the meaning is not understood,one may give certain amulets to the patient to be placed under a weight,ask to keep a camel’s knee bone in the house,ask to throw meat in a cemetery or a deserted place.

Staying away from seeking treatment from such people,even consulting them is extremely dangerous for our faith and health.